Carl Johan Erikson

Kokgropar och andra aktiviteter i Forsmarks skogar

Artist's book, published in 2019, Jon Brunbergs Förlag

The book won first prize in Swedish Meal Literature of the Year 2019 in the category "Lifestyle Literature".

Kokgropar och andra aktiviteter i Forsmarks skogar (Cooking pits and other activities in the Woods of Forsmark)

Through artistic methods we, Carl Johan and Karin Willén, have tried to problematize and reveal processes and systems that form this current perception of nature. Our exploration is site-specific and takes place in the forest right south-east of the nuclear power plant of Forsmark in northern Uppland, Sweden. At this spot, a swedish final repository is planned to be built in the bedrock. In this project we have used the book format as an artistic tool and have produced the book “Cooking pits and other activities in the Woods of Forsmark” where we subversively appropriate the format of ‘reality producing book genres’. The book is in Swedish. ISBN: 9789198320930

"Far above us and far below us a sun also lives. The sun in our galaxy is a star, an indescribably large boiling haze that creates by its fusion processes a temperature of 15 million °C. The sun is pure energy. Inside our planet we have a core of the sun, a nucleus. The earth is, quite literally, essentially one large fire pit. About 3,000 miles under our feet there is boiling iron and magma in an infernal red-hot chaos at a temperature of 5,000 °C... The heart of the earth is distant, and thus we also experience that life on earth takes place on its thin skin and in the interaction of the biosphere between ground and sky."

Excerpt from the book, essay by Johan Redin