Konstauktion i Tingsryd, 1994, 10.00 min. The artwork was sold for SEK 550 and the buyer was a person who also moved from the Tingsryd. (This person turned out to been my first love, although she was unaware that the artwork was mine, showing my feet photographed from underneath).
  Carl Johan Erikson


Art Auction in Tingsryd, 1994

The goup exhibition Belongingness (which I also curated), 1996, 98, was about linguistic differences between urban and rural areas and the space in between. All artworks depicted, in different ways, the countryside close to the exhibition space and had previously been shown in contemporary art contexts, in the “city”.

In Art Auction in Tingsryd 1994, which was included in the exhibition, I hired TV-news
photographer to video document when one of my artwork was auctioned at a charity auction in my old hometown. Especially the audience’s reactions were documented. The work is both about my own social “class journey” from the Swedish countryside to the city – but also about language and social conventions in relation to belongingness.

From the exhibition Belongingness, together with Magnus Bärtås, Björn Larsson and sociologist Mats Trondman, Konstrundan i Tingsryd, Folkets Park, Urshult, 1996.