Tank nr 4, Tank nr 27, Tank nr 25, Tank nr 16, Tank nr 35, Tank nr 34, Tank nr 26, Tank nr 40 ©Carl Johan Erikson

  Carl Johan Erikson


Tank nr. 1 - 46, 1998 - 2003

The project Tank nr. 1 - 46, 1998- 2003, consists of a systematic photographic documentation of baptistry tanks (known in Swedish as a “baptise grave”) found in chapels around the Swedish countryside. The baptistry tanks began appearing in the late nineteenth century and was used for adult baptism in water. By allowing oneself to be lowered into the waters of baptism one both dies and is resurrected in the same time. The tanks were often built with poor and cheep material based on rational decisions. These tanks are usually hidden under covers when not in use; when I opened up the covers they had in many cases been closed for up to thirty years.